Install from conda-forgeΒΆ

SageMath can be installed from conda-forge on Linux and macOS running x86-64 that most current desktops and laptops use.

To install SageMath, install Miniconda and then type in the following commands in a terminal:

  • Add the conda-forge channel: conda config --add channels conda-forge
  • Create a new environment containing SageMath: conda create -n sage sage python=X, where X is version of Python, e.g. 2.7
  • Enter the new environment: conda activate sage
  • Start SageMath: sage


The dependency resolution process of conda is slow; a faster experimental resolver we tried with success is mamba. It can be used as follows.

conda install mamba -c conda-forge # installs mamba
mamba create -n sage sage -c conda-forge # replaces "conda create..."