Launching SageMath

Now we assume that you installed SageMath properly on your system. This section quickly explains how to start the Sage console and the Jupyter Notebook from the command line.

If you did install the Windows version or the macOS application you should have icons available on your desktops or launching menus. Otherwise you are strongly advised to create shortcuts for Sage as indicated as the end of the “Linux” Section in Install from Pre-built Binaries. Assuming that you have this shortcut, running sage in a console starts a Sage session. To quit the session enter quit and then press <Enter>. To start a Jupyter Notebook instead of a Sage console, run the command sage -n jupyter instead of just sage. To quit the Jupyter Notebook press <Ctrl> + <c> twice in the console where you launched the command.

For further reading you can have a look at the other documents in the SageMath documentation at